[7's/10's] WR Sevens (publicly viewable) sub-forum, do we need/want one?

WR-Sevens sub-forum does RRF need one?

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Has the suggestion gone to Committee yet?

How about creating a "Where are you this weekend" forum. Then that folks like me can easily determine if there is anything of interest in the "General Union" bucket.


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I think that the more telling stat is that only 1 out of 16 don't want the sub-forum
not really, indifference will finish this forum off long before disagreement.
Also it was pointed out to me on a.n. Other forum I frequent, forums are not democratic. If the one person who objects is the person who holds the purse strings then it is irrelevant how many feel otherwise.
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perhaps a better poll would have been

would you like occasional forum maintenance? ie long unused forums archived, and new forums to be opened up from time to time as new ideas crop up?
- yes, let's keep our site relevant, with forums that people use
- over my dead body, let's keep everything as we first thought of it in 2003


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Well crossref,
I thought by being diplomatic I would have more chance of winning over the powers that be.
Just as well I wasn't holding my breath, it seems.:shrug:


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I don't know who, outside of Robbie, can set up new sub fora.

I knew I have Admin right, but I wouldn't know how to go about setting one up. Possibly dial back the martyr complex a tad?


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Still think this would be an excellent idea before Rio.
:hap: LOTG are interpreted differently in Sevens, at the breakdown for example.

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Because we now have the prefix drop down options for starting a new thread.
7's is one of the prefix options.
Only problem with this is not everybody uses [prefixs], and even if they did do so, then we would need a way of searching for threads with [#prefix whatever]

If somebody can explain how it works I am happy to use this work around.