Where are you this weekend? 2016/17

Phil E

, Referees/Trains Referees in England
Friday Stoke on Trent Vets v Leek
Saturday Leicester v Gloucester
Followed by Wales v England on the big screens
Sunday Stafford Colts v Burntwood
Monday staying at home for the man from PlusNet to install Ultra High Speed Fibre

Busy weekend.

Lee Lifeson-Peart

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This weekend:-

Durham and Northumberland Div 1 - L7 - will the magic never end?

Middlesbrough v Barnard Castle

Never been before - 6th v 3rd. My lad refereed Middlesbrough last week in the Yorkshire Shield.


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Back in the game :eek:)

Kettering 1st -v- Huntingdon & District 1st

Previous meeting ended 26-27!!

Last time I refereed Huntingdon they got 3 Yes - first after 11 minutes for a late tackle. Let's hope they bring their good boy game.:biggrin:


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Same place same teams as last week Furness v Cockermouth L 8
Last week 24-17 and a good game which could have gone either way, hopefully more of the same


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Change of pace this weekend.

AR1 for a Cup fixture

Wellingborough 1 -v- Peterborough Lions

We have comms so should be interesting.

Is it still ok to run touch with gloves - a la Lord Owens :hap:


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I've got Chesham Colts vs Oxford, next week Saturday Farnham vs Harwell, Sunday Montefiore Exiles (the team I formed at uni) vs Montefiore Old Boys, and Monday I finally leave the hallowed ranks of referees to become an assessor, so I can still give back to the game and nothing to do with wanting to apply for international tickets and to concentrate on cycling.