Wasps v Lei - Greg Garner


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40th minute, GG goes to the TMO to check a forward pass.

He says to the TMO "can you put it up on the screen, I just want to check if it's clearly a forward pass... if you can get one with like the lines on the pitch that would be great"


How can we expect people to understand what a forward pass is when the top guys want to see a pass in relation to lines on the pitch?


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Perfecly sensible question, the lines on the pitch provide context. Easier to see if the ball goes backwards from thehands if you have some contexct of which way is backwards, which is not always possible from all angles.


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Haven't seen the particular incident, but seeing the lines will also help the ref to see the players' positions relative to each other. If the receiving player is already in front of the passing player, then any momentum issue is irrelevant.