Uncontested Scrums


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Guys i wonder if someone can help me. As a coach we have just played today and have a question or two on the Uncontested Scrum rulings/laws.

We had forward dominance at scrums and open play, lineout was working well and their "replacement" prop committed an infringement causing him to be shown a yellow card.

At the next scrum they opted for uncontested scrums stating they had no replacements on the bench who were qualified or fit to take the field.

Question 1. - should the carded player have been brought back on and a selected team member be removed fromt he field for 10 minutes to "take his hit" thus allowing the scrum to continue at full strength?

Question 2 - Once the action of going uncontested had taken place we were effectively penalised fro their yellow card as the game went stale and no further points were scored by either team. What action would anybody suggest, with reasoning, to the games committee ?

Many thanks, yours in rugby