Self - Evaluation


Player or Coach
I did not have the best start to this season, I was supposed to run the Bournemouth marathon on the 6th of October but in the first friendly of the season I managed to break my MCL off my knee leading me to 8 weeks off. this gave me the opportunity I was waiting for to finish my ELRA. my first game was offered from my club after the society ref wasn't available and I jumped at it. my positioning was poor, my whistle technique was dire and I just wasn't running anywhere, well it wasn't the start I wanted but im sure there have been worse. the second game was my first society appointment a low level cup game, I had told myself to concentrate on three things. 1, get around the damn park. 2, blow the whistle. 3, get away from breakdowns. the game went well I built up a rappor with both captains managing to manage them to manage theirs. I got good reports back from both captains with the same 'you could really do with getting around a little more' I know, I know. last weekends game was a lvl 14 friendly on a cold and wet day, the pitch looked like it had maybe been ploughed the weekend before, the kickers looking to get to the side lines to kick off in something that resembled grass. due the the heavy underfoot and most players carrying a few extra pounds I found the speed of the game amicable. having been practising my whistle tone I was more than happy with that but my positioning was a massive improvement given all the extra time I had to get there. well I am booked up for the foreseeable future with lvl 14 games and will be assessed before Christmas to get a good idea of where I am going. goodbye from the Nuclear East