Saturday 31 Aug


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I'm writing this on the tube on the way to my match. Yesterday's match was a game of two halves. I had Barnes 2s vs Ampthill 2s in a level 8 friendly. Final score 47-17. The half time score was 0-17, like I said two halves. The first half saw a higher pk count against Barnes, but nothing out of the ordinary, whereas the second half was much more even. The game had a decent flow and was recorded so will try to post a link at some point.

From a coach and captains point of view they thought that the backs offside happened a few times, but they said I was consistent in my calls.

From my point of view, I had a good game. I'm happy with my pillars, and communication, could use a bit of work on signals according to the ref from the 1s game, which I could see. Should be an easy fix. during the game I felt very rusty with my running lanes at points, but I think that'll change as season goes on. Was happy with my positioning.