[RBS 6 Nations] Bonus point trial in 2017

Bonus point, what do you think?

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, Promises to Referee in France
Aviva Premiership (1)
Giorgi Nemsadze transfered to Bristol after his club in France were relegated to semi-pro status.

Guiness Pro12 (2)
Shalva Mamukashvili left Sale for Glasgow.
Anton Peikrishvili signed for Cardiff

One problem doing an online census like that is clubs don't keep their squads updated. Montpellier still list Shalva Mamukashvili in their squad for this season. Is he on loan?

One thing is sure not all the Georgians in France are not getting sufficient gametime. Sounds like a lose/lose situation for both National squads. French players not getting game time at certain posts, because of the huge numbers of imports. Some Georgians not getting any game time, because they are playing second (or third) violin.
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, Advises in England
Not what I have read

Wales 3
Scotland 3
Ireland 3
Italy 1
France 1
England 1
No idea where I got 5 from!

My intended point was that THREE teams got 3 tries without managing the 4th. (Wales came closest). I do hope the 6N does not depend on who beats Italy with 4 tries.


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If it does, wales may regret failig to take early 3 point offerings instead of establishing a lead and putting Italy under pressure to play a running game to chase the result.