[Ruck] Preventing tackled player from releasing the ball/tackled player not releasing


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It is now a standard practice for players to execute a roll (or two) after the tackle to gain ground, buy time for support to arrive and prevent the ops from getting hands on the ball.

Has anyone ever seen even an admonition from a referee?
I don't let them do that.
If it prevents the oppo from getting the ball I PK it first time. If the only effect was to steal an unimportant metre i would have a word first time, and the PK if they keep doing it


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I've disallow a try due to a player rolling into the in-goal after being tackled and all forward motion stopped. If he'd played the ball his support would have scored - 3 support players against a lone tackler getting back up.

Because I didn't give the try I got both barrels from him, accusing me of being a cheat and not knowing the F*****g rules :norc:; his coach had told him he could roll as long as no-one was in the way!