Pre- game nutrition


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3pm kick off:
- Breakfast at 9:30am of poached eggs, salmon and avocado. Or bacon, eggs and avocado. Washed down with a black coffee.
- Snack at 12pm of a banana and some cashews or macadamias
- Warming up at 2:30-2:45, I will sip on a shake of creatine and ON's amino energy, making sure to save some for half time.
- Half time the other part of the shake and some water.
- 5-10 minutes after the game a protein shake with some glutamine in it and a sugar free powerade.

Dinner is usually something heavy with a decent dose of fat in it. I also keep myself well hydrated throughout the day/week.


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this will be for a local game (i.e with an hour or so of home)

Tea when i get up, followed by eggs (2) bacon (3) mushrooms, and toast (2 slices)

Banana en route to the match drink at least 1 litre of water depending how warm it is.

Banana while warming up and finish before walking out, drink plenty of water during the game and HT.

that's it :shrug:

After the game OJ and lemonade and what ever food is on offer!!!!


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This is probably all wrong, but it works for me.

Coffee and toast when I get up.
Cereal bar mid morning.
Energy drink and chicken with pasta about 1100 to 1130.
Hydration drink and energy or cereal bar on the way to the game.
Another drink and maybe some Lucozade jelly beans while warming up.
Energy gel sachet just before kick off.
Keep hydrating through the game with another energy gel sachet at half time. Maybe a red bull shot at half time as well if I feel the need?
Protein shake after the game.
Curry and a pint of Guinness.
Impressed phil


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I tend to go for:

Wake up and then have coffee and coconut oil/butter
Mid morning poached eggs, broccoli and some nuts
Pre game apple about an hour before

During the game water with elete electrolytes added
Post match protein shake with added ground oats

Thurs/Fri evenings usually meat/fish, veg and a small amount of sweet potato/potato, maybe some basmati rice