Ponytail Tackle?


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Women's tournament, with short games, White Kick in open play, Blue counter attack, Blue 6 breaks through the line near half way, White 7 closes from behind, White 7 with one had grabs Blue 6 by the ponytail and drops to the ground. Blue 6's head snaps back with devastating force and then bounces off the turf. Everyone stops/cringes/gasps. What would you do?


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immediately blow, time off, check for injury, red card white 7,for me dangerous play
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I think everybody agrees she's going to cop a card of some colour.

Would anyone consider a :noyc: instead of a :norc:


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I wouldnt Taff, its a very dangerous tackle and can cause serious neck injuries.

Red for me all day.


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I wouldnt Taff, its a very dangerous tackle and can cause serious neck injuries.

Red for me all day.
Taff, if you were considering :noyc: and saw the ball carrier bleeding from the scalp where her hair had been torn from her head, would you change the colour? If so, I'm not a fan; :norc: the action that can predictably lead to that sort of injury, not the good or bad fortune that each outcome represents.


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Chris Ashton got a four-week suspension for tackling Alesana Tuilagi by the hair.

Suspension means there was a citing and that means the JC effectively says a RC should have been given.


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We had something similar in one of our women's games. A player was pulled out of a maul by her hair. The culprit got 3 weeks.


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TBH if a player appeared with hair around the waist, shoudn't you be querying their with them before KO? Advising/requesting it be tied up or whatever?

Or checking it isn't actually a gorilla in rugby kit?



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what happens if it's a genuine grab for the shirt (well below the shoulders), but happens to catch the hair? still a straight red?