Old Reigatian Fire


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Dear All,
Spare a thought for my old club, (23 years in the 1st team), huge fire over the weekend, major damage to the new clubhouse (pictures here http://oldreigatianrfc.com/). Looks like arson and one of a number at sports club in the Surrey area. No doubt blitz spirit will be to the fore and we will be up and running in no time

Toby Warren

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Is this the sparkly new club house as well?

That's really bad news that was a cracking facility if somewhat slow in the building - let's hope they are fully insured.


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Good to see that the damage looks to be contained to speacific areas. But the actual rugby gallery below - it's enough to make a Hampshire man blow a gasket with a sound not dissimilar to Harrumph! Girls wearing spectacles, and grown men in full-length tights!