Level 2 Refereeing the 15 a side game

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Alas ELRA is dead. The new course is Refereeing the 15 a Side Game.
not spoken to anyone who has done that yet, but someone from club is booked in shortly I will be interesdted to hear about it.
As long as the RFU keep it focused an attitudes rather than the law book it should be OK. What I liked about ELRA was that it gave the tools to referee with bolt ons for the specifics.

The correct name is Level 2 - Refereeing the 15 as side game. This is in line with the new Level 1 - Refereeing children course, and I believe there will eventually be a Level 3 Society Refereeing course. This is all part of trying to bring refereeing qualifications into line with the IRB courses.

The course hasn't changed that much. More up to date content ("that with which I will not putup" has gone :sad:), more emphasis on practical, less on classroom, compulsory pre-course homework and compulsory homework in between the two days. Also you have to be signed off as competent at each stage.

This is the workbook content.


Introduction to the Programme and Qualification
• Progression
• Qualification Prerequisites
• Assessment
• Complaints and Appeals
• Contacts
• Core Values
• Learner Information
• Learner Record of Achievement
• Learner Feedback and Action Plan
• Outline Course Programme
• Level 2 Award in Refereeing Rugby Union – Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria

Learner Workbook
• Learner Information
• Tasks & Learner Notes
• Competency Sign-off

Technical Syllabus

Your Refereeing Goals & Principles of Play
• The Object and Principles of Play

Preparation to Referee
• The Referee’s Kitbag
• REVIEW Process

Technical skills

Safety, Communication and Positioning
• The Whistle
• Signals
• Verbal Communication Refereeing Principles

Refereeing players of different ages and levels of experience
• Contextual Judgement

Advantage and Materiality
• Advantage
• Materiality

Review your performance
• Plan – Do – Review Model
• Preparation for Day 2

Practical Refereeing – Technical Game Skills
• Introduction
• Front row briefing – Scrum engagement
• Captains’ Briefing
• Refereeing the Scrum
• Scrum Formation and Engagement
• Refereeing the Tackle/Ruck
• Managing the Tackle
• Managing the Ruck
• Refereeing the Kick-off
• Refereeing the Lineout
• Refereeing the Maul

Offside in Open Play

Cool-down and After the Game

Game Management – Sanctions and Dealing with Foul Play
• DESC Process

Future Refereeing Development
• Future Refereeing Development & Referee Societies

Reference Material
• RFU Referee – Match Log
• RFU Referee – Match Self-Evaluation Form
• Rugby Union Referee’s Observation Checklist
• Recommended Reading
• RFU Working With Young People Guidelines.

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Is this the replacement for ELRA?

I did the NPC 1&2 (probably one of the last ones) - as I did my part 2 the ELRA had just started.

Sorry Phil I posted mine whilst you were still editing - I can see that it is.

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("that with which I will not putup" has gone :sad:),
That was my favourite bit!!!

An ELRA attendee showed me the DVD :biggrin:

I was most embarrassed about the fact it was a game in Yorkshire and as such, given the level, I assume it was a YRS or YRFU RS as it was then referee.

"That is something up with which I will not put!" :pepper:


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I really enjoyed ELRA.
One of the highlights was playing a game, the referees on the course, and taking it in turns to the be the ref.

It was like any other game of friendly rugby -- we were twenty or so refs, or ages from 17-57, playing 10 a side, randomly allocated to reds and blues, with absolutely nothing at stake... yet two minutes after the whistle went a game of competitive, physical rugby broke out!

I hope that bit is still an element

I still see a couple of the people on my course, just last week opne was watching from the sidelines as I reffed his club.
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I am attending the 'Refereeing Children Rugby Union: Level 1' course on Tuesday evening. Will post back thoughts after the event.




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PhilE I have PM'ed you on this. Would like to share views as I am due to deliver my first one of these in the near future....