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Reading the thread on marks from penalty kicks, etc and Mr Joubert's classic the other day I'm wondering if anybody else wants to confess their sins.

I did once call play-on when a player called for a mark from a penalty, must have sold it 'cos nobody batted an eyelid.

I had a classic a couple of weeks ago. Blue attacking with a driving maul, going forward. red #4 bound into the middle of the maul reaches over with both hands to try and reach the ball. I call 'red 4 leave it you're not bound on.' Give him his due he stops and next breakdown he quite rightly and politely asks for an explanation.

I tell him, "you must be bound on with at least one hand," and even as my mouth is uttering these words, my brain is thinking, 'that is complete tosh he was bound in by other players.' Too late the words have been spoken!

Off he trots with, 'never heard that one before, leaving me thinking, 'Neither have I'.

  • :redface:

So over to my fellow Rugby-refs
Dear father John,
I have confession to make ....

I was in a great position, watching; the attacking player preparing to pick and go from a ruck, as well as his likely tacklers HMF position , both like a hawk. BC definately tried to get the ball to ground but the defender held him up. I stood up proud, & confidently giving a perfectly constructed " ball held up over the line" signal .... Thanks groundsman for those over elongated 5m broken lines!

I ask for forgiveness father, and for eternal damnation of the groundsman !


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I once awarded a mark to a player a meter outside the 22. He called for it, and I lost sight of the very faded line. That whole game was a gong-show on my part.


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Could not find my yellow card today before the match. When after a team infringement I had to bin someone, I took out My Amex Gold business card and said "See that, it's a yellow card,off you go...........the oppo centre came immediately up to me as the binned player walked off and said he had some cards in the changing room and would bring them to me at half time...........


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One of my first games ever, a friendly with my former club as a player (thank god), the first sentence I said to the players who were at the ground when I arrived was:
"Has anyone got a spare pair of size 10 boots?"



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I've mentioned this one before, but the learning point is always to be on friendly terms with the guys behind the scenes.

Left boots behind when I was down at Winchester. Quick work with Johnny andpresto, a pair appear with no fuss and bother.

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only if you call tails!
Green captain did call tails.
We are now standing there looking at Will's & Kate's heads.
Turn coin over and sure enough, there's Lizzy II's Head.
End result = green win toss
Coin is technically a 3 headed coin