[Kit] Asic plastic blades


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For the last 10 seasons or so I have warn the Asics boots with the plastic blade style arrangment and have loved them and managed all season with them.

Need a new pair and now find myself unable to find the blade style boots from Asics, anyone seen any around or now if they are still made?

Failing that do the plastic molded stud type boots from asic perform as well or will I be needing 2 pairs to cope with the dryer vs wet conditions ?



Lee Lifeson-Peart

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I bought some of these in the sale from Lovell.

Haven't worn them yet as it's too soft. I have some old blades and some normal SG boots from Asics.



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I have the white version of your boots LLP, have worn them all season, had no issues in even the muddiest of conditions