Article: Now Available - New Kit by Akuma Rugby


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Am i missing something, which of course is very possible................... but,

Sizes? :chin:


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how do we choose colors? are there photos of the color choices? do I need a decoder ring to use that order form?

Robert Burns

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am sensing you don't like the order form. :). if you want a different colour put it on the sheet. if Akuma can do it, they will. also let me know when you have ordered so i can throw some extra bits in for you.


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I can't open it either can you mail it to me please,
My computer will not download the order form,please would you email it to me on .Cheers Wrighty
To avoid getting spam it's best to post a screenshot of your email address. The typed versions will be quickly harvested by automatic bots which trawl online forums.

I can't open it either - please email to Thanks.


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I'm a recently qualified referee looking to buy some sort of decent kit, is this a good kit to buy? If I buy this could you throw any extras in for me?


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I've got some of the kit and it is pretty good quality. Akuma aren't known for throwing in freebies though, so I doubt that will happen.

Have you enquired about joining the local ref society? (North Mids?) - they will have kit available to purchase at their meetings at a better price than the Akuna stuff, though not sure on their policy of how many games you need to ref for them before they'll give you the free society issue kit (after paying annual subs)