aged 19 3/4 for ever


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Week 14- top ladies league- all good stuff though i suspect crappy card from losing visitors vice- capt. (no.8) "can you please get your head in pre-engage - no slingshot-" " no 'i,m an international this is the way we do it " communication kinda went downhill thereafter.
midweek- really good students game- reminded me why i love this game.
londonrefs dinner - the 2 willies speaking asi in Mr President RFU and Mr McBride -fortunately former was short self deprecating and humous and latter was well - just a legend. RFU table was missing MT and other PGB bigwigs (unless they had just gone for an extended leak) "community" council members all very chipper - seriously think they can regain the game ? (but maybe hadn't read Slaughters report in full.)
Excellent shennanigans most of which fall under TRA (tour rules apply) rules.
BUT home before 1 a.m to indigant WWI (who is supposed to be in Strasbourg anyway saving the eurozone) "why are you home so early?"
In previous years i have a) failed to get home having succumbed to luscious ladyrefs invite to try her unbeatable hangover cure (interesting- ed. - no it involved microwaving donuts, even more interesting -ed.)
b) been awoken by the rac porters in the early hours from a stupour in the snooker room and having to win at spoof to get a cabbie to take me home , c) waking on the home landing with one of WWI's expensive works of art wrapped around my head and d) batted onto dover st. with the stella express (aka barnsey and the boys),
latter was serious option but wimped out and still no idea how i got home.
Training- 2x cardio Alcohol- Huge in one night.

Week 15- game is 3 levels higher than week 13 but saved by visitors being a no-show- (at semi-pro level!!!) rush back to home club to watch them get dumped out of the cup. At least advise a ref/get a few beers and watch the saints give a 30 min. show of great rugger on the telly. BUT am a tad miffed as had been invited as vip to HQ for baabaas still i make the "recovery lunch" next day -am fading badly by 2 p.m (and they weren't and some had played the day before) but old irish mucker (a baabaas legend if an underused irish one) gives the "rhodesia" call and i get back on it for an hour or so but am still tucked up in bed by 8 p.m.