Yesterday's game


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Blue line out.

thrower in on the limit (define time limit!?) of delaying the throw:

19.7(b) The throw-in at the lineout must be taken without delay and without pretending to throw.
Sanction: Free Kick on the 15-metre line.

Green forward then go up early:

19.10 (f) Jumping, supporting or lifting before the ball is thrown. A player must not jump or be
lifted or supported before the ball has left the hands of the player throwing in.
Sanction: Free Kick on the 15-metre line.

I blow and tell green to stay down and Blue hooker to throw in more quickly. I decide to go again.

We reset.

I tell blue thrower in 4 times to throw the ball in as I'm not happy with the delay. After the 4th time I free kick him.

He complains that the "call had not finished" (it must be a very complicated signal call!!!)

At half time the coach asks why I FK'd the thrower in but not the early jump first time round.

I explain as above. He "accepts" my call.

In the bar the thrower in repeats the "we had not completed the call signal so I could not throw in" line. I replied the call is the throwing in teams problem not mine. I suggested they simplify their calls. He accepted my answer better than the coach.

Any thoughts?


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I gave the 4 as it was youth and a good tempered game. They work with me, I work with them. But agree it could be construed as lenient.