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Out of curiousity, when does the whopping big US flag appear next to my name, like in Eric's posts? After a certain number of contributions?
I don't need the big US flag, it would only vindicate Eric and we mustn't encourage his antics :rolleyes: . I was just curious since all the Americans seem to have it plus a their local society avatar or one of the pre-baked ones. Not a big deal.
Great to have you on board the board, Nick. If US membership continues to grow at this rate, we'll need to get some serious recruitment going on the EU side to maintain the natural order of things.

As to the flag, I think you not only have to make contributions, but to the right people. However, I'm still not sure whether a monetary contribution to the Obama re-election fund or another Marvel comic for the GW Bush Presidential Library would get you there quickest:biggrin: