[Line out] Out on the full


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I had a frustrating one on Saturday:

Black kick down field, the ball bounces very close to the touch line and the TJ (who wasn't paying much attention, even though he was close to where it bounced) eventually puts his flag up.

I couldn't see clearly, but I thought it might have been out on the full, so asked the TJ which side of the line it bounced. "I don't know".

I awarded the gain in ground on the basis that is wasn't C&O out on the full, but is this right?


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well your only other option was to not award the gain in ground - because is wasn't C&O not out on the full.

So whatever call you make could potentially be wrong. You can only go with what you feel is "most likely" - which I appreciate isn;t much help. whatever you decide 50% of the players will be in disagreement.



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Thanks both - there weren't actually any complaints but there weren't any players near by.

didds, that's the problem - it's not C&O, but you have to blow the whistle for something!


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I assume the kick was upfield of the 22 or the question is moot. The advantage of ruling as you did is not having to run back and take a guess at where the ball was kicked. Tell the TJ that if he's not going to pay attention he'll be on half wages.


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Community TJ'ing Law states: If he says "he wasn't sure" then that most likely means the correct decision should have been against his team ! :biggrin:


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i had a touch judge last week .
player ran down field with ball .
opposition touch judge made no attempt to go with play
lads on side line shouting in touch { i could see he clearly wasn't in touch }
then the touch judge decides to walk down and shouts at me {{ ref touch }}. & then he puts his flag up

i shouted to players to play on .
at next stoppage which happened to be close to same touch judge .

i was advised that the player was in touch .by the same touch judge .
i advised touch judge , he needs to keep up with play & putting his flag up because others shout ref in touch .
was in fact not good enough .
i asked him was he able to continue with his duties , or did i need to get a replacement .
he suggested he would continue .

ref docy scenario .
i would probably only go with my own view , unless touch judge is at correct spot & offers me the info in a positive manner .
as in ref , landed in field or went straight out .
but even then they could be bluffing ..


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I had an unusual one last Sunday - gold had a penalty kick, which went into touch indirectly. I set the mark for the lineout and red 2 stepped up to throw in, so I said that it was gold's throw in. "But it bounced before it went out, sir!" Touch judge and red coach both looking at me like I'd lost the plot too...

It was genuinely one of those moments where I thought I was having a brain fart. I gave the throw in to gold (who also didn't seem sure that they deserved it) and was met by raised eyebrows and "it's OK, play what the ref says, this isn't football" from the sidelines. It was so strange I went to check the lawbook straight after the game, just to be sure. A useful reminder to keep self-confidence in the things that I know about the laws, at least.


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That's really bizarre Rich_NL!

almost one for the rugby myths thread - except its the first time Ive heard it!