[Maul] Otoje, maul PK


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My best guess is that o'Keefe confused the whole episode with playing the 9 & once he'd blown quickly made up a best available 'sell' - such evasions skills will ensure he goes far!

ps [Credit to MO for accepting the poor decision so well]
BO caught up with the situation and I think his plan B was the better bet.

Playing the 9? From a Maul? He is not digging for the ball. It is in his hands and off the ground.

Applies to the ruck situation only, would be my understanding.

I suspect the only offence that would apply would be for being unbound, thus leaving him physically free to play for the ball and that would make him offside.

However if he was still caught in the middle I am sure we would have no problem him trying to play the ball carrier or the ball.

I would reasonably expect the SH to be well out of reach under normal circumstances, hence we are not likely to see such situations arise very often?


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Have to say I disagree with this part. Surely as a ref it is better to give a clear, concise reason for a penalty. Even when you're unsure. If you start going down the route of "yeh, and you were maybe a bit off side too, and that tackle was kind of late and kind of high so it's a penalty" then you lose player confidence. I think players would much rather you made a decision with one definitive reason and stuck to that call. Making it complicated makes it more complicated for you as well!
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