[Tackle] Dragging a man on the ground


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.........and only up to 4 pages of posts!

....And guessing that by page 20 there were still one or two in dispute!

As I am new to the party I can only add, after careful consideration of my own interpretation and the views of others that I clearly fall on the side of the majority that this is straight forward, and the mighty laws stand as being robust!

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I had a similar situation in a match a couple of weeks ago where a player dived on a loose ball near the touch line and was then dragged 2m into touch by his arm. This looked wrong, it seemed wrong but I could not think of any reason to penalise the "dragger" so awarded the lineout. This resulted in challenge by the "ball carrier's" Captain and howls from the touchline. I have given this some thought since but I cannot think of anything in Law that would prevent dragging a ball carrier other than dangerous play. If the ball carrier was on his feet and was "pulled" into touch or over the try line then we would not be debating this.

I would, however, regard Ian Cook's video example from RL as dangerous play as the shirt is being dragged around the neck area.
This then poses the question, is there a difference between dragging a player by their shirt as opposed to their arm?


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well you could drag a player by their leg as well, but you'd have to ask ken catchpole about how dangerous pulling somebody's leg is...



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Blue kick ahead and Blue 14 chases the kick. Red 15 gets to the ball, about 2m ahead of Blue 14, and goes to ground to gather the ball which he does just as Blue 14 arrives.

What is Blue 14 allowed to legally do?
Provided he doesn't infringe 14.2 [or any other Law] then he can do anything he chooses.

He could stand astride him, If player can't get up it forces him to execute one of the other two options (but it does risk a bump in the goolies should the player have any)

ps. Ian Cook seems to be saying that it's ok to drag a player along the ground by his shirt - but if so then for how far ? 30m? or 20?, 10? 5.5?, 3.42?, 1.99? 1.16m? to me it's better to just consider any open field dragging (ruck housekeeping being the only exception) that isn't say a bonafide 'tackle', to be unwelcome in the game.
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