Bit of a gap...

Owen Bisto Taylor

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Standard 10 months since I last blogged, making this less of a blog more of a time capsule at the moment, but hopefully will be doing a bit more.

So this summer I finally went under the knife and got my bloody shoulder sorted out, meaning that I have the option to go back to playing...but if im honest, I DONT WANT TO! I have loved the last 11 months and wouldnt want to stop refereeing for a bit of a 2-bit uni rugby league where I could easily do it again.

It doesnt seem only 11 months, as it feels like i've been doing this ages, but things are starting to fall into place. Since getting a car i've been up and down the A1 to various parts of the east midlands, and have even been given my first exchange later in the month where i'll be travelling down to that London (god help me). Still L10 at the moment but have been doing lots of L8 games so hopefully there will be a grading meeting at somepoint. Trying to get back t'up north for a few exchanges up there, as well as taking what comes my way in terms of opportunities.

Aims for this season-
o Atleast L8 (officially)
o Referee the Northampton v Derby varsity
o Look for abroard options post-graduation
o Enjoy the season, get fitter and love rugby